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The Tembo learning environment is composed by 3 main learning spaces:  Tembo Dashboard, My Credentials Hub and My portfolio. Tembo also provides a mobile app that will allow you to learn while offline.


The Tembo Dashboard is the starting point to the Tembo experience. From here you can access to your learning paths, search for more learning resources, see your credentials and access the 2 other learning spaces: My Credential Hub and My Portfolio.

    Creating account and Login

    1. Open your browser (Firefox or Chrome is recommended) then go to: 
    2. Click on Login on the right top corner. This will redirect you to a login page
    3. Click on Create new account to proceed . 
    4. Provide your personal details, Once you have completed all the fields, you should select Create my new account at the bottom of the page. 
    Note: You will need to complete the fields with an asterisk (*). After registration you will receive an email asking you to confirm your account. Click on the link to activate your account.

    Changing ecosystem language

    1. At the top menu of every page, there is a select box written EN . Click there and select your language from the drop down menu

    How to access TEMBO dashboard

    1. If you already have an account, you can proceed to login to the ecosystem by clicking Login, then provide your username/email and password. Successful login will redirect you to TEMBO dashboard


    The MSF Credential Hub is a place for you to keep track of your learning progress. It allows you to; 

    • Accept and share your badges Store your badges and use them to demonstrate your skills, learning, and experience. 
    • Use your badges to connect with others in the MSF OCBA community. 
    • Find new opportunities to learn. 
    • Manage your certificates and certifications

    Getting started

    1. At the top menu, click on my credential hub to launch MSF Credential Hub
    2. You will be required to create an account in order to access this portal.
    3. Click on Login then select create new account to start the registration process. 
    4. Provide your details then click Create new account to get access the hub

    Note: please use your MSF email address to create your account on MSF Credential Hub


    My portfolio is a personal space were you can manage your learning content, create portfolios on experiences and define your learning networks.

    Getting started

    1. At the top menu, click on My Porfolio to launch the system. 
    2.  Navigate through the system to view forums, create and share portfolios and ideas.


    TEMBO APP is a mobile and desktop applications which allows you to access TEMBO ecosystem from a mobile and desktop device both online and offline.

    Getting started

    1. TEMBO Mobile application comes preinstalled on TEMBO Mobile phones and Tablets. 
    2.  Click on Menu and then locate MSF Tembo Mobile then tap on it to open. 
    3.  Input your email and password to login

    Search Course and enroll

    1. TEMBO Mobile app allows you to self-enrol to a course in two simple steps. Click on the search icon on the top bar.  
    2. Type the name of the course then click the Search button next to the search box. 
    3.  Click on the course name to open, On the details page click enrol me button to enrol. 

    NB: The courses with an open padlock sign after name are the ones which are open for self enrolment

    Download course materials

    1. TEMBO Mobile app allows you to download course materials for offline study, On My courses page, click on the “three dot” option menu 
    2.  Then click on Download course on the pop-up menu. 
    3.  Wait until the Progress bar stops loading then you can proceed to start learning.

    Start Learning

    1. On My courses tab, click on the name of the course to open. 
    2.  Select the module you would like to start with or select all sections to open all the module. 
    3.  Click on the section with yellow icon to open the downloaded course module

    Other Links

    1. To start a conversation click on Messages on the menu tab 
    2. To view events, click on Calendar events on the menu tab 
    3. To view badges, click on My credential hub on the menu tab then login to accept, view and share badges

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